Jorayc Sensitive Scalp Rescue & Nutritional Tonic (Anti-Aging) 150ml


Revitalize your scalp and hair.

Goji Berry Stem Cells (Lycium Chinense Extract).
Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract.
Rosmarinus (Rosemary)Leaf Oil Extract.
Menthol Extract.

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Specially formulated with natural extracts from Goji Berry Stem Cell, Grape Seed oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil and Menthol to provide protection and treatment for sensitive scalp. It effective eliminates dandruff, neutralizes sebum secretion, increase blood circulation, helps faster hair growth, moisturizes deep into every hair strands, prevents premature hair loss and alleviates the scalp irritations with a touch of cooling refreshing effect. In additional, it also provides active nutrients such as Vitamin E, Linoleic Acid, proteins and minerals to strengthen hair growth and improve healthy scalp.

Goji Berry Stem Cell provides total protection against bacterial and fungal infection which often caused flaky and itchiness scalp. Enrich with the Goji Berry Stem Cell that contains natural antioxidant, it revitalizes the scalp with refreshing and nourishing effects.

Grape seed extract is widely known as ideal natural moisturizer which provides full nourishment to both hair and scalp in many different ways. It moisturizes scalp, promotes hair growth, strengthens hair structure and combats dandruff effectively.

Rosemary extract is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which play important role in neutralizing harmful particles and chemical residues. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to treat scalp infection.

Menthol extract is an active ingredient that provides a cooling refreshing effect by penetracting the scalp and help to normalize sebum secretion. It also increases blood flow to scalp skin which encourages healthier hair growth.

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