Fake ED medicine can impact our daily lives

Fake ED medicine can impact our daily lives

When your get a headache,you might popby the local pharmacist or even the petrol station and get a Panadol,95 percent of the time you are probably getting the genuine stuff, In 2015, the Ministry of Health Malaysia revealed that 5.2% of medicines sold over-the-counter were fake, that does not include those being sold online,and no conclusive studies could be found,you guess is as good as mine


Can you get Viagra,Cialis or dipoxatine over the counter ?

 Short answer no, Ed medicine are prescription drugs and only sold by clinics,many online pharmacies claim to sell Viagra,Cialis or dipoxatine and many times does are counterfeit drugs,you wouldn’t be able to find Viagra in your local family mart not for awhile。


Whats inside Fake Drugs and how does it harm me

Fake drugs can contain little or no active ingredients and uneven ratio of active ingredients,what does that mean,imagine you have high blood pressure,now imagine your BP fluctuating,what does that mean,sometime when you take the medicine your BP is normal,if that pill has some active ingredient it might be up or down depening how much of the ingredient is really inside the pill,most fake medicine are made by substandard makers usually those that have failed quality test,.

Sometimes fake medicine may contain other ingredients such as steroids,allergy medicine,pain killers.unsoliciated drugs.


What about my local traditional medicial store ?

Fake drugs are most prevalent in such stores like traditional medicine hall, provision shops,dubious facebook or social media accounts


Whats Tmwb solution ?

Our solution is to provide online prescription from our medical experts ,we understand the awkwardness of going to the clinic, and are in the  midst of discussion to prepare a chat program with partner clinic and video conferencing to get you prescribed as quick as possible, we envision the start to finish would take 3 days including a conference call from our medical practioner for your prescription.


Why should I buy from Tmwb

Our Ed medicine are sourced from licensed medical providers, we intend for our medical providers through our platform to help with your prescription and we want you to be able to do that all from home

Ed happens in 50% of men after 50,we know we have friends having problems even younger, all products on our platform have been vetted and are approved by their repsective ministry of health and are of GMP,Our maca and tongkat ali coffee,is both of KKM approval and its got GMP

all hair products we endorse are KKKIM approved and of GMP,your trust is important to us,our motto is we go first so you don’t have to,we believe in interaction and that’s why we leave a space in our website for you to ask us question

(just click question and write to us)

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